2017, laser cutting work flow

Graduated with Bachelor’s in Automation Engineering: https://github.com/mangelma/S7Logger

Left Finland to visiting (“exchange”) studies in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

center of motorsport engineering
EcoCAR 3, Plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Camaro

Bought a second 3D printer (Monoprice Select Mini) and then a cheap K40 CO2 laser cutter.

E3D hotend mount, printed with eSUN black PETG

Here’s some notes to myself, concerning work flow / tool chain.

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CNC controller upgrade


It’s alive again! Changed from Smoothieboard to Raspberry Pi + Protoneer GRBL shield. I’m not using shielded wires, so endstops caused some trouble, but small electrolyte capacitors fixed that.


Written Communication in English: Process Descriptions

Assignment let me choose a process which I’m familiar with, so I thought why not tell about electric vehicle conversions. I also had to give some background and context for the text, so I told I would publish it in my blog. So here it is:

The Electric Vehicle Conversion Process

Almost any kind of vehicle can be modified to use electric propulsion. In this short process description, focus is on cars but the process is quite similar with motorcycles.

When choosing a vehicle for conversion, many people prefer ones with a defective engine since they are usually inexpensive and a logical choice. Once the vehicle is chosen, first step is the removal of the internal combustion engine, exhaust, gas tank and other accessories. Some parts like the gearbox can be left in their place, as well as power-assisted steering pump if it is electrically-driven. Before the next step, the engine bay should be cleaned from oil and dirt.

Installing a motor, batteries, a controller and a charger might sound laborious, but is not really that challenging. For example, there are complete conversion kits available for certain models. Even when building from scratch, the conversion can be made mostly in one’s garage. However, there is the UNECE-R100 rule which has to be followed. It provides some guidelines, like what sort of modifications to chassis are allowed. Also, a qualified electrician will have to check high-voltage wirings before the converted car is can be inspected.


Picture 1

The summary of the process is shown in Picture 1: what is removed from the car, and what is added. New electric cars are still expensive and there are not many used ones on the market. Therefore converting an ICE car is quite a cost effective way to drive on electricity.

[1]: http://www.sahkoautot.fi/lehdistoe:kuvitusmateriaalia / Joona Kallio

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Not much to tell. I didn’t win the lappeenranta GP and the bike suffered some damages due to unfortunate events. Lately I’ve been designing new battery box and my friend is fabricating that thing right now. It’s going to look even more ridiculous than the previous one.


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